A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Pepperwood Forest needs your help!

Play as Suzie the rabbit, and valiantly defend your home from the neighbouring golf course management who have their sights set on expansion!

Win the Pepperwood Cup to prove to the humans that they aren't all that. Work with woodland allies to do whatever needs to be done to save your home. Maybe there is another way to achieve your goals?

Pepperwood Golf 2021 is an entry for the 7DRL challenge 2021 where participants make a finished roguelike or roguelite game in 7 days.

I have just scraped by into my definition of 'winning' for this. It's only just a complete game, barely on time and it's probably only a roguelite at a stretch (let alone roguelike) but I had good fun making this game and am happy with where it is at by the end of the 7 days...


Windows Executable 20 MB
MacOS Executable 22 MB

Install instructions


Unzip and run pepperwood.exe

Depending on your security settings you will probably need to allow windows to run the file as it is unsigned.


Unzip and run pepperwood

The MacOS build isn't signed so MacOS will make you jump through the usual hoops to run unverified code. -_-; 
Also I've noticed on my M1 mac at least it wants to load resources from your home folder. So you might need to unceremoniously dump the zip contents into ~ to make it work. :/ Will look into that later perhaps.  


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I liked it quite a bit! Made a playthrough here - https://youtu.be/yICtXp-X1bA - I ran out of time to play subsequent rounds (which sounds like only gave me half of an experience), so I’ll have to do a proper followup to try and beat Shooter. Nice golf feel though for sure.


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Big apologies to anyone who played this game earlier.

In a sleep deprived state I made a game breaking change just before submission. While not obvious straight away, it meant that dialog flags were not correctly being checked and so you couldn’t progress the story at all.

I have fixed the version uploaded here.

The original version with the bug that I submitted, for archival purposes is available: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wGd_C6Nl2YkrhsRggB3qcGVHVYKqrxh9/view?usp=sharing

Note that you can skip through the golf rounds quickly with R and F if you want to progress through the storyline fast.

a nice golf game, the aiming was kind of weird to figure out at first... but I enjoyed playing, however I never encountered any powerups or anything and I feel like I'm missing something. Are there hidden powerups somewhere that would increase your hitting power?

I liked all of the graphics(I appreciate that you didn't use ASCII characters like everyone else), except I found the font hard to read. Nice little prototype.

You need to talk to the characters over multiple playthroughs to progress the story and obtain the (only 3) power ups. Thanks for playing!

Very sorry orange08; As per my other comment there was a bug just outright breaking the storyline progression. Fixed now if you’re interested.

I will endeavour to get a MacOS build up at some point. But it's not behaving for me tonight.


I can help you out if you need it. DM me on Twitter (same username) if you like.